Professional WordPress Site Examples – Design Ideas

 Professional WordPress Site Examples – Design Ideas

Are you looking for some Professional WordPress Site examples to get inspiration in starting your design business? WordPress has been used by many of the best designers and developers in the world who use it to build highly interactive websites. In this article, we are going to share some excellent WordPress sites examples that you should check out for inspiration.

  1. The Obama Foundation
The Obama Foundation

The website for President Obama’s nonprofit organization has a unique and modern design that complements the foundation’s vision and mission. Uses large fonts, Maintree for paragraphs and Gotham SSM for headings.

It has a left folded navigation menu, which flies when the user holds the mouse over it. Aside from the simple, elegant typography and design, the website uses multimedia, social sharing, and page templates for a polished user experience.

  1. Angry Birds
Angry Birds

The official website of the popular game. It has a simple design that uses the game’s fun visuals as the main background of each page. This works really well in keeping the same spirit and consistency of the game itself.

  1. 99U

99U is a popular cultural and design blog for creatives. Its homepage features a magazine style template, with a navigation menu pinned to the top, and featured images displayed in a beautiful build grid layout.

  1. Creative Ad Awards
Creative Ad Awards

This site is the place to celebrate the best ads from around the world. Its homepage has a large full screen wallpaper image at the top followed by filterable categories, a search box, and a grid of recent posts.

  1. The Next Web
The Next Web

The Next Web is a leading online magazine covering topics such as technology, science, the Internet, and more. Its homepage features a magazine layout with featured stories at the top followed by latest articles and recent posts by category and dedicated sections like deals.

It uses techniques like lazy loading, CDN, and aggressive caching to improve website speed and performance.

  1. Studio OUAM
Studio OUAM

Studio OUAM is a French creative agency specializing in visual identity and branding. Its homepage features beautiful typography, cursor-sensitive animations, parallax effects, and scrolling animations.

  1. Analytica Projects
Analytica Projects

Analytica Projects is one of the leading food quality control companies. Their website features a very interactive animation that shows multiple parts of the QA process as the user scrolls down.