Create a website using WordPress for free in two steps

 Create a website using WordPress for free in two steps

Create a website using WordPress for free in two steps

To be able to create a website, you first need to understand what WordPress is an open source web content management system, built in PHP and MySQL databases, and distributed by Automatics under GNU General Public License #2 or higher; A group of volunteer developers contribute to its development. The WordPress functionality makes it possible to manage any website, especially blogs.

There are many reasons why you should use WordPress in order to create a website in other words:

  • The platform is completely free.
  • Unlimited possibilities. With the help of the WordPress platform, you can create an online store, a personal blog, or a company website,
  • The WordPress platform is suitable for many media, companies and other large corporations.
  • Flexibility of settings and manipulation of appearance and functionality.
  • WordPress site owners have free, paid templates that give your website the look and feel you want. While with the help of plugins, you can solve technical problems and provide the necessary features and functionality of the site.
  • The ability to create a website and publish the first content within 5 minutes.
  • Easy access to educational content for creating a website in WordPress

Create a website using wordpress

Choose domain hosting and register it

To be able to publish your website and access to WordPress for that, you need to purchase a host package also a domain name, here are the most recommended hosting companies I have chosen for you

Second step: start working on the site

After creating or purchasing a domain with the name of your website, you will take the information from the server sent to you via email, which is the username and password to enter and register on the site.. From here you can log in to the WordPress platform to start editing.

  • Choose the right template for your project
  • Choose the plug-ins you need carefully
  • Start writing your own content
  • Publish your site

That’s it,,, meet me here to start learning how to develop your own WordPress themes from scratch