Adjusting SEO settings in WordPress usign Rankmath plugin

 Adjusting SEO settings in WordPress usign Rankmath plugin

Adjusting the SEO settings means improving the result of search engines, and this process is difficult and easy at the same time. When it comes to SEO settings, it is not easy to understand how Google or other search engines index websites. 

The algorithm is really hard to learn, but the good news is that Rankmath SEO Plugin or other SEO plugins give you the main and most important settings that you need to make while writing your content.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization or search engine optimization (SEO) refers to measures that increase the visibility of a website and its content to users of a web search engine. Optimization refers to improving unpaid results in organic search engine rankings (natural listings) and excludes direct visits and paid advertising purchases. 

Optimization can target different types of search including image search, video search, news search or vertical search engines.

How does SEO work?

The meaning of SEO involves making certain changes to the design of your website and the content that makes your site more attractive to the search engine. You can do this with the hope that the search engine will display your website as a top result on the search engine results page.

Achieve 100/100 SEO in adjusting your SEO settings

Let’s start explaining what are the SEO settings in Rank math and why we need to do all the sections in these settings to achieve a great SEO result

Add the keyword to the article title.

This section means that your keyword should be in the post title, or in the SEO title. You can choose between these two options

Add the keyword to your SEO meta description.

In this section you should add the keyword you chose to write in your SEO meta description, this will improve your SEO score.

Use focus on the keyword in the URL.

In this section, the permalink or URL should also contain your keyword.

Add Focus Keyword to the SEO title. Seo Meta Description Seo URL

Use the keyword at the beginning of your content.

When you start writing a new post or article or even design a new page, try to always start typing your focus keyword, this will be good enough to tell the search engines that this paragraph or post belongs to that keyword.

Use the keyword in the content.

It is not possible to write a post on human anatomy while the main focus word is on dogs, you must make scenes.

Use the keyword in subheadings like H2, H3, H4, etc.

This means that you must include your focus key statement that must also be in one or more H tags, which is easy.

Add an image using the keyword as alt text.

Always try while creating new content to set up a unique featured image and this featured image should also have the focus keyword in its alt text.

Add an image with your Focus Keyword as alt text.

The keyword density is 0000 00 which is high, the word focus and group appears 0000 00 times.

In this section there are two options, you may have written the word focus too much in your content or less than recommended. You should measure the number of times you have typed along with the length of your content text.

The URL is 000 characters long. !

The permalink must be no longer than 75 characters. It is better if the permalink to the post page should be less than this and longer than 4 words.

Link external resources.

Many choices you can make, you can link to your social media pages or you can link a specific word to the content shelter. Perhaps you are linking a word in your content to a specific website:

Example: While writing content, you mentioned WordPress , in this case I can add an external link to the WordPress website. It is important to get your SEO score

Link out to external resources.

We could not find any internal links in your content.

It’s easy to make an internal link, imagine you are writing a sentence that contains Germany, and you have another article that talks about Germany, you can easily associate that word (Germany) with this permalink and these named internal links.

Set focus on the keyword for this content

If you start writing a new article or page, the first thing you need to do is write the title of the post and then focus on the keyword.

Use Focus Keyword near the beginning of the SEO title

The title of the SEO page should contain the focus keyword and preferably at the beginning. This is important if you can start your post title with the same focus keyword.

Your title does not contain a positive or negative word

It’s great if you use a unique word in your post box, this is called a positive or negative word . Try here to learn more about.

You are using a number in your SEO title

If you write a post title, always try to put a number in it, like I did in this tutorial.

Using TABLE OF CONTENT in content

There are quite a number of WordPress plugins that allow you to create a table of content, such as

You are using short paragraphs.

As you write, take care of the length of the sentences. Try using (., -) also separate and mark long paragraphs with HTML tag h2 to h6 to achieve this.

Your content contains images and/or video(s).

It can be a photo or a video, you can choose both. This will be better. And if you notice, I used 3 or four images in this tutorial article to better rank my SEO score

Finally, the result will be exactly like this

Easy 100/100 SEO Score achievement in Rankmath SEO Plugin
Easy 100/100 SEO Score achievement in Rankmath SEO Plugin

That’s it, now see if you do and start writing as I recommend by adding Rankmath SEO Plugin, and don’t forget to share your SEO score with me in a comment